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Since 1998 COBA Foods & Lifestyle Hong Kong provides China, Hong Kong & Macau with food & beverage products of the finest quality from Germany and around the world.

Major Hotels, Departmental stores, Supermarkets, Bars and Restaurants do we have among our customers.

Established Brands that have passed the test of time and competition and are well known for their reliability in quality control, variety, innovation, and price competitiveness are imported and distributed throughout the region.

Customers can choose to add a great taste to their life with COBA Foods & Lifestyle Hong Kong products.

Hong Kong

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Updates 2017

• Updated SteakChamp. The ultimate steak thermometer for perfect steaks

• Updated Brands

• New product: Riegelein Confiserie - Seasonal chocolates

• Updated Brands

• New product: MADNESS - Energy drink

• New product: Egerer - Beer

• New product: Amore Sweets - Handmade Rock Candy

• New product: Jensen's - Gourmet products

• New product: Redlefsen - Sausage specialties

• The LotusGrill is now available in our new Lotus Grill Shop

• Updated Brands

• New product: Sandro Vanini Baking Ingredients

• New product: Wicklein Nürnberger Gingerbread

• New product: Sandro Vanini Mostarda Purée

Updates 2016

• Updated Brands

• Updated Mrs H.S. Ball's Chutney

• Updated Develey mustard

• New page: Rhodius - Softdrinks and water

• Updated Emsland Group - Potato specialties

• Updated Pickled delicacies from Specht

• New page: Brands

• Updated Pickled delicacies from Specht

• Added Develey salad dressings

• Added an award for the top brand 2016 to Develey's condiments

• The Kalahari salt video now links to the youtube website

• Added info about organic blueberries

• Added a new product page about frozen blueberries

• Added personal contact info

• The LotusGrill product page was updated (blue version, fondue add-on)

• Added a new product page about lemonade

• Photos of european main stock location in Germany added in About us

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