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Nearly all products you find here are design award winners

JOHNNY CATCH - wallmounted bottle opener

The crown cork was invented 100 years ago. Since then wall mounted bottle openers exist. There were functional, minimalistic, attractive and quality designs, BUT ...

JOHNNY CATCH is the first designed to be all of the above. And that's why he's probably the world´s most functional and minimalistic wallmounted bottle opener.

He is made of 100% stainless steel, and needs no screws and dowels, mounted on the wall by high quality double-faced scotch tape that adheres to many surfaces, even on very uneven ones.

He is very thin on the wall and catches the caps magnetic! Use JOHNNY CATCH as merchandising goods or as a top-quality giveaway. JOHNNY CATCH can be customized using laser engraving.

JOHNNY CATCH is a must-have for lemonade and craft beer lovers, stylish beer drinkers, at the cornershop, at the clubhouse, band room, at music and sports clubs, in site trailers, bling bling clubs, at your favourite bar, kebab takeaways, summer house, stylish kitchen, messy apartment, your party pad, alpine hut, beach bar, workshop, on the roof terrace, next to your grill, fridge...

BEER BOX - multifunctional

The evolution of the beverage crate starts wilh the materials wood and metal and finds a preliminary end - for economic reasons - with plast1cs. But economic efficiency is relative - what if there is a life after the existence as a beverage container, if the crate is upcycled to a fire basket after its initial use. BEER BOX, a fire basket made of solid corten steel in its simplest form, however amazingly versatile.

The large handles cry out for mobility - thus off you go to the lake. Thanks to accessories, the crate turns into a grill or stoot and its stackability enables a raising of the fire basket respectively grill and also makes sense in terms of storage and transport. The fact that the crate moreover is an ideal advertising medium is in the nature of things and the integrated bottle opener is a pure pleasure! Cheers, we wish wonderful evenings with a beer and a fire and your friends around.

CUBE - fire basket | charcoal grill | stool

The CUBE Fire Basket is crafted from stainless steel and configurable to your own requirements. It not only looks aesthetically superior, it has an abundance of versatility for everyday usage.

The Fire basket comes with a matching cooking grate to use it for grilling those burgers and hotdogs or you may just it as one of the safest fire pits on the market. Inside the CUBE is a hanging bowl that remains balanced while holding the burning wood and logs. When turned over, the internal bowl remains upright while the lower half of the fire basket, now on top, creates a seal to effectively extinguish the flames. When not containing flames, it can double as an extra seat.

CONE - charcoal grill

Due to an integrated lighting solution the chimney starter doesn’t have to be flipped over but merely stripped of the charcoal in a vertical motion. There are no flying sparks or ash. The CONE lighting solution is therefore much safer and comfortable compared to conventional chimney starters.

Grill a nice piece of meat on CONE. Heat the grilling grate before you place the meat onto it by raising the embers until they are directly underneath the grill. This way you get a fabulous branding.

Now place the meat (entrecôte, rump, rib-eye, flank, T-bone steak or similar) onto the hot grilling grate. Now brown the good piece of meat really hot for one minute on each side.

Afterwards, take the heat away by completely lowering the grate with charcoal and allow the meat to stand on the warming rack at the desired level with a closed lid for 5 to 10 minutes at around 80°C.


At the BBQ or in the kitchen... Once you've tried this little helper, you don't want to miss it anymore. This apron's design is as simple as it can be while it's functionality is just perfect. It's made of solid cloth and guarantuees a perfect fit due to its passing-through rope. A towel holder and a pocket are included. Made in Germany.

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