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Rhodius - Softdrinks and water

Non-alcoholic quality drinks in 0.33l cans with shelf lifes of 18 or 24 months.

AfriCola - the german cult cola since 1931

Well-known by consumers, convincing taste, unique and appealing design and comes as regular and sugarfree.

Apfelschorle - apple spritzer with natural RHODIUS mineral water

55% fruit content, without added sugar (contains sugar by nature), healthy and thirst quenching.

Mineral water - pure and natural from the Volcanic Eifel in Germany

• 151 mg/l magnesium (1 liter covers 40% of the daily recommended requirement)

• 143 mg/l calcium (1 liter covers 18% of the daily recommended requirement)

The water comes from a ca. 500m deep original artesian spring in enriched dolomite bedrock with naturally carbonic acid, protected against outside influences.

Maya Mate - softdrink with yerba mate-tea

Vegan, exotic different taste and a refreshing alternative to energy drinks.

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