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Sausages from Germany

Highest quality is an obligation, from the delivery of raw materials up to the supply of the finished products to the customers. The german manufacturer of our range of meat products does not only rely on state-of-the-art analysis technology.

Also every day trained employees test the sausage products. They test taste, consistence, scent and appearance. They make no compromises and promise optimum quality which they delivered for more than a hundred years.

Try the Original Bavarian Weisswurst • The probably most traditional of all meals in Bavaria is the „Weisswurst”, a Bavarian-style sausage with its popular seasoning. Usually it is eaten as a late breakfast, because Bavarian tradition has it, that a Weisswurst may never hear the churchbells at noon. Weisswurst is commonly served with Bavarian sweet mustard and accompanied by „Pretzel” and „Weissbier”. To prepare your private „Oktoberfest” boil water, but then heat the Weisswurst in the water below boiling point.

Our variety of hareico sausages

• Mini Rostbratwurst'l Sausage

• Wiener Wurstchen Sausage

• Weisswurst Sausage

• Zwerge Schinkenbratwurst'l Sausage

• Frankfurter Sausage

• Grillbratwurst

• Currywurst

• Schinkenkrakauer

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