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Perforated Grill pan CF-432BBQ

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YouTube video of the Perforated Grill pan
Ø 32 cm, 4 cm h, with removable handle, grill in diamond pattern.

We want to satisfy our customers with our cookware. For years, we have mastered the entire production chain as a manufacturer of extremely high quality aluminum.

cookware - from design to the finished product. The excellent quality of our products has been confirmed many times by independent authorities and numerous awards.

Piece by piece the best result
In our factory we produce our cookware with the consuming Aluminum hand-casting method and subject them to constant strict quality control.

Due to the unique casting process, we achieve a relaxed structure without pores, which provides the basis for a distortion-free soil and thus for energy-efficient cooking.

Our products all are dishwasher safe. The best way to cleanse our cookware yet is with warm water and dishwashing liquid.

Highly robust
Our plasma coating is extremely hard and ultra-resistant. It is particularly well suited for the professional kitchen area and for extraordinary stress.

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