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Martin Weber grill pan

• Handmade quality from Germany
• Fireproof non-stick coating
• No adhesion of the food
• Removable handle
• Meat remains juicy and tender
• Optional robust glass lid
• Easy cleaning

Picture gallery of the round and the square version of the Weber Grill Pan

The Weber Grill Pan is a patented grill pan made of sealed fireproof material with slots in the ground. It fits all kinds of grills and makes barbecue a piece of cake with a lot of fun and great enjoyable food. The grip can be detached, so you may even use it in an oven. Or use one grip for several pans to save space on a crowded party.

The grilled food no longer sticks on the grill because of the sealing and the fact that the heat is evenly distributed. Meat, fish, vegetables, ... you may even grill food that would have been too small, like fried potatoes or flavoring ingredients!

With a single move you can take the food from the grill and nothing gets overly cooked or burned. A normal pan would prevent it, but the Weber Grill Pan guarantees the typical barbecue flavor of grilled food.

Now add the heat- and impact-resistant glass cover and you get a mulitfunctional BBQ, probably the most compact closed grill in the world, especially combined with our LotusGrill.

The Weber Grill Pan is not just for BBQ fans,
because with this product you will become a fan!

Perfect BBQ companions • The LotusGrill & the Martin Weber Grill Pan

This groundbreaking invention won the
FIRE&FOOD International BBQ Gold Award in March 2014
(Category Grill Accessories • 1st place)

FIRE&FOOD is Europe's N 1 grill and barbecue magazine.

The award was presented at one of the biggest
consumer trade fairs in the south-west of Germany,
the IBO in Friedrichshafen.

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