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Sandro Vanini
Mostarda Purée

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The sweet and spicy Mostarda Purées from Sandro Vanini are available in several varieties: selected top quality fruits like for example figs, pears, oranges, pineapples are candied, puréed and mixed with selected ingredients. That’s how we create the unique taste of our Mostarda Purées.

Depending on the variety chosen, Mostarda Purées are perfect with hard and soft cheese, meat and poultry, fish or sausages. They are also ideal for serving with traditional Swiss dishes, such as Fondue and Raclette. The possibilities are infinite.

We offer a selection of seven delicious specialties:

Fig Mostarda Purée
Our best-seller works wonderfully well with cheese (e.g. for jacket potatoes and cheese plates), cold meats (e.g. in a ham sandwich), Raclette (on top of the cheese), meat fondues (as a sauce), in salad dressings (as an alternative to mustard) as well as countless other hot and cold dishes.

Ginger Mostarda Purée
Our novelty “Ginger Mostarda Purée” goes perfectly with sushi and a whole range of other Asian dishes. It's the perfect accompaniment to fish, salmon, cold meat and cheese.

Quince Mostarda Purée
The subtly sweet Quince Mostarda Purée goes perfectly with cheese, hot or cold roasts and smoked ham.

Red Fig Mostarda Purée
The subtle sweetness of the Red Fig Mostarda Purée makes it a perfect accompaniment to smoked fish (e.g. mixed with whipped cream), to wild game - and of course cheese.

Pear Mostarda Purée
Pear Mostarda Purée is fruity and spicy - an ideal accompaniment to cheese or chicken. Add a delicious touch of fruitiness to cream cheese or blue cheese.

Pineapple Curry Mostarda Purée
Pineapple Curry Mostarda Purée tastes gorgeous with any type of meat, poultry or cold cuts. Whether you use it as a sauce or a filling, Pineapple Curry Mostarda Purée gives your dish an amazingly aromatic taste. Make a tasty vegetable curry or a delicious rice salad in no time.

Orange Mostarda Purée
The perfect accompaniment to fish, seafood, duck and vegetables (e.g. for a vegetable curry). Orange Mostarda Purée tastes delicious with salmon when whipped with crème fraîche. For a sweet and fruity crust, spread a little Orange Mostarda Purée over the duck or the salmon before roasting.

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