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Beer Bread Kits

Freshly baked bread at home, any time!

There's nothing like the taste of a crispy-crusted thick slice of Barrett's Ridge beer bread slathered with butter. Your love for all things fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside has brought you here and we welcome you with open arms, a few brews and a very hot oven.

Each of the Beer Bread Kits works with beer, cider, non-alcoholic beer or even soda water. So you can have bread with a similar flavor but without alcohol, e.g. for kids.

It contains gluten and it's suitable for vegetarians. A 450g kit includes wheat flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, herbs and spices and makes one loaf in a standard loaf tin.

Just pour into a bowl, add one 330ml beer (ginger beer or cider for the ginger kit) - at room temperature to ensure activation with yeast - stir to combine and pour into a baking tin. About 45 minutes later, you'll have a loaf of fresh, delicious bread to serve.

They come in 7 different flavours:

Homemade bread is the best. From the smell as it bakes, to spreading it with butter, while still warm from the oven.

Chilli and Garlic
With benefits like relieving arthritis and lowering cholesterol between them, chilli and garlic are a potent combination. Even better, they make a delicious combination.

Italian Cheese
Ah, cheese. Can there ever be enough? If you're firmly in the no-cheese-is-too-much camp, then this bread kit is for you. With a mix of Italian cheeses added to the kit, you can create cheesy loaves, mini loaves, muffins and more.

Garlic and Herb
Did you know that parsley neutralises the smell and taste of garlic after eating it? True story. That's why garlic and herb is such a great combination.

Olive and Rosemary
This is what Greece tastes like, you know. Briney olives and fragrant rosemary combine to create a beautiful loaf full of Mediterranean flavour.

This ginger mix is simple, quick and delicious. Just add a ginger beer of your choice, mix and pop in the oven to enjoy a freshly baked sweet treat at home. Try it French toasted with a drizzle of honey and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Contains cocoa and milk chocolate. Works well with guinness, milk stout or a dark lager.

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