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Pumpkinseed Oil

The Taste of Regional Quality

100% pure pumpkinseed oil

100% best austrian quality

100% vitality from nature

Nature is its main ingredient

pramoleum pumpkinseed oil is a true gift of nature - a natural specialty genuinely originating in the Innviertel Region, Austria. No other oils, no preservatives, no additives. The result is the unique flavor and the special character of the pramoleum products.

Read more about the many Pumpkinseed Oil benefits which apply to this wonderful product because the brand we deliver to you is produced with special care.

The best ingredient for a sublime taste - a message from the producer

Our crops are grown with utmost care. An exceptional know-how, healthy soil,
optimal crop rotation and careful harvesting are the prerequisite for the
high quality of our pumpkin seed.

The pramoleum cooperative consists of 5 enterprises in the Pramtal Region.
We guarantee that our product is pure and unadulterated from growing to bottling.

We jointly ensure that only high quality pumpkinseed crops are used for our products. Exceptionalley careful pressing without industrial refining produces our
natural pumpkinseed oil with the characteristic, deeply nutty unique flavour.

A premium treat straight from the farm.
Guaranteed by pramoleum.

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