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Silver Crystal Kalahari Salt

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280 to 300 million years ago during the Paleozoic era in a formation known as the Dwyka, salt leached from what is known today as the semi-desert region of part of the Kalahari in Africa. At this time in our history the earth was pristine, pure and unpolluted unlike today with the many oil spills and the dumping of all sorts of waste into our oceans and lakes.

Kalahari Pristine Salt Worx located the most undisturbed ancient inland underground saltpan deposit in this area to bring to you the best unpolluted natural full flavoured savoury salt available, without any additives or chemicals.

Kalahari Salt is in its natural state an underground salt brine which gets pumped onto the surface and then is sun dried. It still contains all the minerals and trace elements that are essential to the body’s health and our well being. It remains as pure and natural as nature intended it.

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Silver Crystal Kalahari Salt
The advantages of Kalahari Salt

• free of negative environmental influences
• the coarse-grained salt is in its original condition
• contains no artificial or other additional products
   such as anti-caking agents, iodine and fluorine
• efficient packaging to conserve freshness
• fine taste and crystal white colour

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