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Specialties from Nuremberg

All these products are made in Nuremberg, Germany and the meat comes from Bavaria in Germany, only. The meals have a long tradition and are made by local masters of their profession using old recipes and methods. Only pure, natural ingredients are used. That means they are free of glutamate, gluten, lactose, etc.

"Nürnberger Bratwürste" or fried sausages
These sausages are made of pork meat (97%), salt, spices, sugar product, emulsifying agent E471 and natural sausage casing.

"Nürnberger Sauerkraut" or sauerkraut
This sour cabbage specialty is made of sauerkraut, water, spices and sugar.

"Nürnberger Saure Zipfel" or sour (sausage) corners
"Saure Zipfel" are made of pork meat (97%), salt, spices, natural sausage casing and the brew they are contained in is made of water, onions, wine vinegar, sugar products, salt and spices.

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